About Us

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Kings and Queens Day Nursery offers bespoke Childcare Services: our ethos is founded on the premise that every child is an embodiment of the future; which means with the right support and a targeted approach, every child can fulfil their aspiration.

Each and every individual child receives specifically tailored attention day-in-day-out; Parents are given regular updates on their Child’s Progress and maintain close contact with the Staffs.


At Kings & Queens  Day Nursery, we celebrate every child's uniqueness, we aim to constantly strive to recognise the great potential within, every child can become a great person, and in the Long term be a great member of the society.

We are focused on providing the very best educational outcomes for each of our pupils, according to their individual needs and aspirations. We achieve this through play and making sure our children are having fun and are happy at all times.

We also care about the transition of our children to a mainstream school, so we endeavour to establish a communication link with their proposed school, thereby ensuring childrens’ learning and Development are supported accordingly.

When it comes to your children, we will stop at nothing in order to achieve the highest standard.


Our nursery provides a safe and secure environment for your child to explore and attain his or her maximum potential